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Hansasoft is a pharmacy and commercial software development company based on Estonian capital and established in 2001

More about Hansasoft

Hansasoft is a pharmacy and commercial software development company based on Estonian capital and established in 2001. Our software is mainly used by pharmacies, pharmaceutical wholesalers, wholesale warehouses and retail store chains. Also, we have created software for state institutions and participated in several national software development projects. As to the pharmacies, we were deeply involved in developing the Estonian e-Prescription. The sale of first medication in Estonia prescribed in the e-Prescription system and sold in Marja pharmacy on 1 January, 2010, was based on the Hansasoft pharmacy software.

Many Hansasoft employees have over 20 years of experience in developing social and medical software, providing a high level of information technology. In our work we use the latest software development tools and powerful database platforms like MSSQL and Oracle.

Products and software

Our most popular product is the Pharmacy Information System (Apteegi Infosüsteem), the first version of which was introduced in 2006, achieving a rapid popularity among Estonian pharmacies. It was the first pharmacy software in Estonia on the Windows platform, which employed the secure MSSQL database. Significant development took place in 2010, when e-Prescription was introduced in Estonia and Hansasoft’s Pharmacy Information System gained the e-Prescription interface.

In 2016, the new Pharmacy Information System 2016 of Hansasoft will be launched, built on a completely new development platform and containing innovative solutions. Our future e-pharmacy platforms will also be interfaced with the new information system.

We have created an integrated information system also for companies owning retail chains, connecting different shops, central warehouses and production units into one central system. The entire data exchange, management of the assortment, campaign management and other functions proceeds through the central system. In Estonia, grocery retailer Grossi Toidukaubad is our biggest client. Our information system is employed in over 50 shops, 5 central warehouses and 6 production units.


Our customers

The clients of Hansasoft include companies that wish to use software that has been adapted to the client’s business environment. We offer the possibility to integrate Hansasoft software also with other business software products like Navision and many others that enable integration.

We offer customer support to Hansasoft-produced software and consult the clients in acquiring the necessary hardware.

We have many long-term partners thanks to whom we can offer diverse and high-quality solutions for our clients. We appreciate highly the reliable and friendly customer relationship, which ensures success for both of us.

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