Retail or wholesale trade information system


The trade information system is suitable for a single shop or chain store that can have multiple central warehouses and production units. The number of warehouses and units is not limited and there is a possibility to link different legal entities (group) into one information system. The information system uses the powerful MSSQL database and can handle also larger data volumes.

The information system consists of integrated modules:


Central management, incl. management of chain stores

  • Central registry of clients and articles
  • Central formation of prices, central administration of prices, central administration of campaigns
  • Loading the campaigns from Excel

Warehouse management

  • Comprehensive product card information management
  • Average, batch or FIFO-based accounting
  • Management of warehouse addresses
  • ABC product groups

Goods assembly modules

  • Pocket PC support
  • Order fulfilment solution for vegetables and fruits warehouse

Production modules

  • Administration of product recipes/calculations
  • Production: on the basis of production plan, order, cash sales
  • Slaughterhouse module

Online/offline shop cash sales

  • Sanitex top-up calling time sale interface
  • Cash register and counter scales management interface (various models of DigiSM, Avery, NCR)
  • Support for a variety of cash devices
  • Customer card, ID-card, gift card modules
  • Administration of the deposit packaging sale and of the deposit packaging collection machine receipts
  • Point of sale price campaigns
  • Recording POS product lines and operations on a video surveillance recording (Divis)
  • The product discount barcode solution

Administration of purchase and sales orders

  • Internal management of the purchase and sale orders information system (e.g. shops and warehouses of the same company)
  • Administration of uncollected goods
  • EDI (electronic data interchange) interfaces to communicate with unfamiliar vendors (Telema, Edisoft, MobilJava)
  • Automated order solution

Price lists and price tags printing module

  • Shelf labels
  • Price tags
  • Various A5 and A4 price tags

Inventory module

  • Conducting full or partial inventory
  • Inventories across product groups

Other data interchange

  • EMTA KMD file export
  • Electronic interface with DPD and Itella couriers
  • Import/export of SWEDBANK ja SEB bank files

PDA – pocket PC support

  • Taking inventory of incoming goods
  • Assigning to stock addresses
  • Assembly of orders
  • Displacement of goods in the warehouse
  • Receiving the merchandise returns
  • Conducting inventories
  • Administration of pallets’ traffic