Pharmacy Information System

The five biggest pharmacy chains have employed our information system

Hansasoft has created a special software for pharmacies called Pharmacy Information System

The system is used by nearly half of the pharmacies in Estonia. The five biggest pharmacy chains in Estonia employ the Hansasoft Pharmacy Information System, which has been adapted according to each pharmacy chain.

Pharmacy Information System includes the compulsory basic modules, e.g. warehouse, purchase and sales orders, production, retail cashier workstation, e-Prescription, reporting system, central data management, etc. Also, many integrations have been established with external systems, including various financial software, EDI, pharmaceutical wholesalers, courier companies, bank links, drug interactions, Health Insurance Fund, State Agency of Medicines, e-pharmacy, interfaces. Different modules and interfaces together form the comprehensive information system for the client.

Main modules of the Pharmacy Information System 2016 have been developed in the Embarcadero Delphi XE environment and they use the MSSQL 2012 database platform.

e-Prescription in Estonia and Pharmacy Information System e-Prescription module


  • In Estonia, over 97% of prescriptions are issued digitally
  • Estonian e-Prescription system employs the nationally developed X-Road secure channel into which national databases, e
  • Prescription centre, doctors and pharmacies have been interfaced
  • The doctor can digitally issue a prescription to the patient who can receive it in the pharmacy by identifying himself or herself on the basis of an ID card. Also, the pharmacist selling the prescription drug is identified in the e-Prescription system on the basis of the ID card
  • The Hansasoft Pharmacy Information System enables selling medicines on the basis of e-Prescription 
  • The patient sees the e-Prescriptions in the e-Estonia patient portal

Description of Hansasoft Pharmacy Information System


  • Stock accounting and production module. Batch- or FIFO-based stock accounting. Management of stock addresses and shelves
  • Detailed product card, central management of products 
  • POS module. Support for different POS equipment, cash sales or/and card payment, sales for an open account
  • Client screen, i.e. additional LCD screen support. Shopping cart information for a client for advertising and presenting product offers
  • Discount cards (incl. ID card) and gift cards support 
  • e-Prescription module, incl. electronic data exchange with Health Insurance Fund
  • Printing the dosing instructions of the medicine on self-adhesive labels
  • The control module of drug interactions SFINX/Pharao
  • Presenting drug safety instructions, side effects and other information in the sales process and in data exchange interface
  • Campaigns module. 2+1 scheme, monthly campaigns, discount card prices, special-sized price tags, etc.
  • E-Procurement module, automatic ordering system, e-subscriptions with pharmaceuticals wholesalers, loading e-orders, displaying various purchase and sales statistics in the ordering environment
  • PDA module or pocket PC support. Enables to carry out an inventory, change the retail price, check the product information, write off products, order new products, etc.
  • Reports module, incl. pharmacy-specific reports, central report system
  • Interface with the portal for displaying pharmacy goods and price lists
  • Interfacing possibility with various business software (Navision, etc.)
  • Possibility to interface the branch pharmacy with the main pharmacy server
  • e-pharmacy interface



  • Operating system: Windows 7 or higher
  • Database platform: MS SQL server 2012 or higher
  • Memory: recommended 2GB RAM, 3GB RAM for server
  • Monitor resolution: 1024x768 or higher