The environment integrates different pharmacies into one portal

Apteegiinfo.ee environment integrates different pharmacies into one portal and it is meant for everyday use for pharmacists, doctors, pharmaceuticals wholesalers and all the people that need information about the prices, availability, ingredients and indications of medicines.

The information system does not only include information about medicines but also about all other products sold in the pharmacy, e.g. shampoos, bandages, vitamins and hygiene products. Apteegiinfo.ee enables to conduct the price comparison of different pharmacies and to check the availability of goods in different pharmacies.



  • Opening hours and contact details of pharmacies
  • Medication price lists, incl. prices by Health Insurance Fund discount rates
  • Information about medication availability in pharmacies
  • Medication discount rates and discount conditions
  • The rights of prescribing medicines
  • Leaflets of medicines and other pharmacy goods (incl. indications, special warnings)